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We have over 25 years of experience repairing cars, vans and motorbike bodywork to make it like new again. We work on all makes and models of car and vans, fixing dents, scrapes and scratches, bumper damage, panel repair and replacement, resprays and restoration of older classic vehicles.

With more cars than ever on our roads, and cars getting larger, it’s all too easy to have a bump or scrape, especially low speed incidents in carparks. Even low speed and parking bumps can cause enough damage to spoil your cars looks.

We can help. We are bodywork specialists, for everything from small dents and scratches all the way up to significant accident damage, we are here to magic those dents and scratches away.

Restore your bodywork to good as new, repair dents and dings, repair, respray, lacquer and polish, giving you the perfect finish.

Dent Repairs

Small dents can often be fixed quite easily. Of course it depends on the size of the dent and where it is on the car, but in many instances where the paint hasn’t cracked, the repair is straight forward and we can pop the metal panel back into shape.

For larger dents we may need to fill the area, prep and respray, blending the paint into the panel.

We need to see your vehicle to advise you more accurately, but provide free, no obligation quotations…. please get in touch to get a quote.

Scratch Removal

Scratches are easy to come by and unsightly. Some light car scratches can be polished out by our skilled technicians, while deeper scratches and any that have broken through the paint to the metalwork will require the area to be resprayed.

WE have a process to repair the affected area so we don’t have to respray the whole panel if we don’t need to. You get a low cost high quality repair and a vehicle that looks great again.

Bumper Repair

Bumper damage is a common occurrence. Seemingly small bumps and dings can cause damage to your car bumpers, making your vehicle look untidy.

We can repair and restore damaged and scratched bumpers, repainting, lacquering and polishing to make them as good as new.

Professional bumper repairs will make your vehicle look great again and costs less than you think. Ask us for a quote today…

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle drivers often travel many more miles than average. Its the law of averages that driving more miles, you are more likely to have the occasional bump and ding.

Many tradesmen need their vehicle to work and we understand that downtime costs you money. We can make your repairs happen in the shortest time possible to get you back on the road in a gleaming, good and new van that will look good &  represent your business while you are out on the road.

Lease Vehicle Pre-Redemption Remedial Works

Returning lease vehicles back to your leasing company can be a stressful time. If you have managed to stay below your mileage quota you can breate a sigh of relief, but what about the minor bodywork damage, scuffs and scrapes?

Lease companies love to charge their customers redemption fees for bodywork damage, but we can help.

We can repair your lease car dents and scratches, so you can relax when you hand the keys back. We are a cost effective solution and will save you money.

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These are the most commonly asked questions we receive about our car body repair services

  1. What Dents Can Bumps & Dings Repair?

    Car dents come in all shapes and sizes. Some will simply pop out and polish up, while others are more complex and will require more detailed work before they disappear. We can offer a free, no obligation estimate on all types of dent damage, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  2. How Long Will You Need My Car?

    In many instances we can repair dents and scratches the same day. More detailed repairs do take longer however as it takes time to prepare the damaged areas of your vehicle correctly so that your repair will be long lasting and high quality. It also takes time for fillers, paints and laquers to harden and be ready to return to you. When we give you an estimate we will also advise you of how long we will require your vehicle.

  3. Can You Do The Repair On My Drive?

    At a push yes, but in the same way as you would probably prefer to have surgery in an operating theatre rather than in the middle of a field, we prefer to carry out all our high quality vehicle bodywork repairs in dry, warm, controlled conditions so our customers receive the best possible quality finish for their repairs.

  4. Do You Repair Lease Vehicles?

    Yes, indeed we do. Who doesn’t live in fear of the inspection of shame when you hand a lease vehicle back to the leasing company? However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Lease companies seem to take pleasure in finding every mark, scratch and blemish they can just so they can charge you exhorbitant fees to repair them.

    You are going to pay for any damages whatever you do, but, if you come to us first we can makes all those little scratches and dents go away and do so for far less than your lease company will charge you.

  5. How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Dent?

    Very few of our dent repair customers go through their insurance companies. This is because, while the cost of dent repair does vary depending on the severity of the dent, where it is on the car and how big it is, it is much more affordable that repairing and respraying complete car panels.